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Genre: Fiction

Usually, Maron is the hunter—a demon sent to earth to imprison evil souls and hurl them into the pit. It’s a dirty, thankless job, but someone has to take out the trash. By necessity, demons need a partner to tag ’em and bag ’em. Since her partner got roped into a Demon Triad, though, she’s stuck with just the tagging part until her boss sends reinforcements.

Her backup turns out to be the last two men she wants to see. Two bonded demons who’ve been trying to seduce her into a Triad for months. Sure, the Triad’s sexual bonds generate phenomenal soul-trapping power. Give up her independence? Never. Still, it’s quite a thrill to be the hunted, for a change.

Since a night of debauchery in which the three of them experienced a level of power that’s nothing short of explosive, Raum and Kobal have been maneuvering to complicate her eternity…and make her like it. She thinks she’s the most relentless demon hunter around? She ain’t seen nothin’ yet. They’re determined to claim her heart and body…if they can cage the evil soul they’ve been sent to capture.

Warning: Three demons doing very wicked things to each other. Guy on guy, guy on girl, guy on guy on girl, and any other combination they can think of. Some anal, a little flameball throwing, a few evil souls sent down to hell. All in a day’s work. Hey, they’re born to be bad…and they’re so good at it.

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