System Failure


Genre Fiction

Selection America Offline

Year 2020

ISBN: 978-1-926456-34-8

Volume book: Full version

A week after a cyber-attack crippled America’s power grid, millions are dead—frozen by the worst winter storm in a century, irradiated by exploding nuclear power plants, or murdered by ruthless criminals. Millions more starve and battle for survival amidst the ever-worsening conditions. Despite the long odds, ex-cop Nate Bauer is determined to do whatever it takes to reach his pregnant wife and family in Chicago. Joining him on this perilous journey is fifteen-year-old Dakota, a young prepper on a mission to find her uncle. Braving the frozen wastes of Illinois, however, may be the least of their worries, since the road to salvation runs directly through the heart of America’s most dangerous city.

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