Genre Mystery and thrillers

Selection Henning Juul

Year 2014

ISBN: 978-0-571-27250-1

Language English

Volume book: Full version

An elderly woman is found dead in a nursing home. Bjarne Brogeland, who heads up the investigation, soon realises that they are on the trail of a meticulous killer who has developed a keen taste for revenge. A killer who has only just begun…

Trine Juul-Osmundsen, Norway’s Secretary of State and Henning Juul’s sister, is accused of sexually harassing a young male politician. As the allegations cause a media frenzy, Trine receives an anonymous threat telling her to resign. If she doesn’t, the truth about what she did that night will be revealed.

Scarred reporter Henning Juul, finds himself torn between the two high profile cases. He wants to help his estranged sister, but as he digs into their past, he discovers memories that haunt them both. Memories of a broken home. Memories of a dead father.

As the two cases collide, both their worlds threaten to fall apart.


Thomas Enger is the author of two previous Henning Juul novels, most recently , which was described in Shotsmag as ‘excellent, another superbly compelling read by Thomas Enger’. As well as writing, he also composes music. He lives in Oslo and is currently at work on the fourth novel of the series.

ReviewAbout the Author

“Slick, compelling and taut, Thomas Enger’s combines a sophisticated layering of mysteries with an intensely scarred hero embarked on a tragic quest. A dark and suspenseful blast of Nordic exposure.”

(Christopher Ewan, author of )

“An intriguing new voice in crime.”

(NJ Cooper)

“This promises to be a crime fiction series worth watching.”


“The careful revealing of clues, the clever twists, and the development of Henning Juul and the supporting characters make this a very promising start to a new series.”


“Suspenseful, dark, and gritty, this is a must-read.”


“A gripping narrative that begs comparison to Stieg Larsson.”


“The name is Thomas Enger. Make sure you remember it, because he’s a man about to join the ranks of the best crime novel writers of the Nordic countries… and he has achieved something quite exceptional already with his first novel, … It’s one of the best crime novels this reviewer has read for a long time, in a language that sparkles and gleams in strong images and a tempo that almost makes you forget to draw breath.”

(Kristeligt Dagblad)

“Thomas Enger has written a solid and effective crime novel.”

(Jyllandsposten Posten)

“It’s an excellent debut, the main character and his fate is brilliantly drawn.”

(, Denmark)

“Impressive new Norwegian thriller.”

(Vejle Amts Folkeblad)

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