Hurting Distance


Genre Prose

Year 2017

Language English

Volume book: Full version

“What does motherhood mean? What should a mother do if her child is in danger? . . . It’s those choices and their consequences that make compelling.”—

“As . . . Agatha Christie gleefully trampled on that sacrosanct rule of the mystery novel to ‘play fair with the reader,’ the power this novel packs derives from narrators who play fast and loose with what they know. . . . The solution is a stunner.”—

“Spine-tingling.”— (top pick)

“A tautly claustrophobic spiral of a story.”—

“Clever and original. . . . She has a brilliant new career ahead of her.”—

“A splendid crime-psychological thriller. . . . A book so well-plotted and so well-written deserves to have its surprises kept intact.”—

“Riveting reading.”—

A serial rapist relies on successful career women’s shame to insulate him from punishment. Then one of them sets out to find her missing lover, a married man, and in so doing exposes a sinister plot.

Sophie HannahLittle FaceHurting Distance

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