Dead Worlds


Genre Fiction

Selection Necrospace

Year 2018

ISBN: 978-1-925-49336-8

Volume book: Full version

They are bold, daring, reliable… and doomed. The salvage marines of Tango Platoon have gone up against everything from space pirates and resistance fighters to savage mutants and the heavily armed elite troopers of Helion Corporation. By all accounts they are some of the most battle-hardened veterans in the fleet and experts at hostile salvage operations. The marines are pulled off a low risk contract and placed at the vanguard of tremendous planetary scale conflicts that will have them locked in furious battle for control of a subterranean underworld infested with brutal street gangs and monstrous creatures before pushing them to the bleeding edge of the known universe and pitting them against a city of the mechanized undead. For Samuel Hyst freedom is just out of reach and always seems one more volatile mission away.

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