The Yellowstone Traps


Genre Fiction

Selection The Yellowstone Traps

Year 2018

Volume book: Full version

Nearly 640,000 years ago, the 1,500-square-mile volcanic caldera beneath Yellowstone National Park erupted catastrophically, burying one third of the contiguous United States under hundreds of millions of tons of volcanic ash and loading the Earth’s atmosphere with aerosols that thwarted sunlight from reaching the continents and oceans. Global temperatures fell drastically. Extinctions followed in every corner of the globe. Life on Earth changed forever, then. Yellowstone is rumbling now. The Yellowstone Traps is a harrowing journey through a world besieged by a monstrous super-eruption of the planet’s largest volcanic structure. The global economic mono-system that sustains us all teeters on the brink of collapse. Who will survive the barbarism, deprivation and famine spawned by the Yellowstone mega-disaster? Join members of a self-sufficient, fully sustainable new millennium community—Independency, Minnesota—as the colony’s residents endure hellish struggles against torrents of ash, against starving citizens who steal and will kill for food, against National Guard troops sent to empty bulk grain storage silos an ship grain to desperate cities, and against record-breaking volcanic-winter cold. Enter Yellowstone National Park as it tears itself apart. And walk in the shoes of self-reliant techno-agrarian pioneers as they forge a new economic paradigm to replace the old. Dedicated to a hands-on lifestyle of local food and goods production, they find they may have the only avenue open to surviving the cataclysm.

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