The Male Hustler


Genre Science, Education

Selection Sexual Behavior

Year 2019

Volume book: Full version

Is he an out-and-out mincing homosexual? Or a closet queen? A transvestite masquerading in full make-up and dress as a woman? A muscle-bound stud? Or is he just your normal American boy who happens to be in business for himself, selling desirable merchandise — his body — at prices the market will bear? In THE MALE HUSTLER John Warren Wells talks frankly and at length to seven male prostitutes. They tell exactly what they do for a living; how they find “clients,” what they think about their clients — and themselves; they talk about money, men, women and, of course, sex. This book is a fascinating odyssey into a world that has never before been so compassionately and objectively revealed. AS SHOCKING, TOUCHING AND EXPLICIT AS TRICKS OF THE TRADE, THE ENORMOUS NON-FICTION BESTSELLER ABOUT FEMALE PROSTITUTION

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