Me and Mr. Stenner


Genre Prose

Year 6827

ISBN: 978-0-397-31689-2

Volume book: Full version

“I’m not really a brat, please understand that. But, you know, school one day... and there’s your mother wearing her Long Grave Face... and she tells you she’s leaving your father... that you and she will be making new plans...”

For Abby O’Neill, those “new plans” mean some big changes in her life, like living in a rented house with her mother and Mr. Stenner, the man her mother plans to marry as soon as a couple of divorces are out of the way. And like seeing her real father only on weekends. The trouble is, Abby still loves her real father, and she is growing to love Mr. Stenner, who is alternately the villain and the hero of her life. But how can she love one without betraying the other?

In his first important novel for young readers, Evan Hunter portrays the traumas and triumphs of a child caught in the middle of a divorce. With tenderness, insight, and humor, he shows that change is a part of life, and that accepting change is what life is all about.

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