Sea of Fire


Genre Fiction

Selection Kirov Series Battle Books

Year 2017

Language English

Volume book: Full version

Sea of Fire: Volume II in the alternate history of the Pacific War presents the story of JS Takami and the battles of mid to late late 1942. When the shock of what has happened to them is finally realized, they must answer the question of who’s side they will support in the war. Meanwhile, the action in the Pacific continues with the Battle of the Coral Sea, Halsey’s raid on the Marshalls where he battles a pair of Japanese ships that never were, then Yamamoto launches Operation FS and the landings on Fiji begin, leading to the US landings at Suva Bay and the climactic Battle of the Koro Sea. Karpov’s summer offensive on Sakhalin Island is also covered, with the battle between Kirov and an unexpected challenger in the Sea of Okhotsk. Finally, Admiral Hara’s Indian Ocean Raid and the battle with Somerville’s Far East Fleet concludes this volume, bringing the action in the Pacific to the eve of 1943. Sea of Fire – A Kirov Series Battle Book by John Schettler 54 Chapters, 474 Pages, About 156,000 Words Full-scale maps:

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