Thailand Confidential


Genre Non-fiction

Year 2019

ISBN: 978-0-7946-0093-8

Volume book: Full version

A grumpy expat sounds off on other expats and foreigners, penis worship, tourists, Bangkok’s bodysnatchers, piracy, backpackers, aphrodisiacs, fast elephants, dangerous elephants, rotten fish, a gay water buffalo, ghosts, scams and cons, shadow wives, sex-change operations and ladyboys, country music, fear and respect, drugs, the beer wars, bi-racial cool, street food, superlatives, denial, eating insects, violence, making movies, Thai time, learning the language, chili peppers, a heart attack, the rubber barons, the King’s music, Thai whisky, sex, and other amazing stuff you’ll never read about in any guide to Thailand.


— Jann Wenner

— Joe Cummings

— Tim Cahill, author of Lost in My Own Backyard, Hold the Enlightenment, and Jaguars Ripped My Flesh

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