Devil Storm


Genre Fiction

Selection Nuclear Winter

Year 2021

ISBN: 978-1-08791-386-5

Volume book: Full version

Nuclear fallout wrapped the planet in a blanket of soot, blocking the sun’s rays, wreaking havoc on the atmosphere. The planet was plunged into a deep chill that would last for years.

Plants withered. Animals died.

Famine exacted its toll on the human population.

From the initial firestorm and the spread of smoke to the destruction of the Earth’s ecosystem,

The collapse was sudden and deadly as the impact effected all aspects of human life. Nobody was prepared for an environmental catastrophe such as this, including the world’s governments. Yet the threat was always real and the devastation was predictable.

As Nuclear Winter covered the planet, the rapidly cooling climate shocked humanity and all living things… to their death. Yet, for many, it was their fellow man who posed the greatest threat.

The members of the Albright family continue their fight to return home. To Driftwood Key, where horror has already struck. Will all of them make it? Or, will an unexpected Devil Storm take away their souls, or even their lives?

This is more than the story of nuclear conflict. It’s about the devastating effects wrought by Nuclear Winter. Our possible future is seen through the eyes of the Albright family whose roots stretch back to the early settlement of the Florida Keys.

While they fight for survival, they trek across a rapidly deteriorating landscape wrought with danger from both the elements and their fellow man.

It was not our fight, but it became our problem.

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