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Genre: Fiction

A love letter to my three favorite franchises, aka Conan Doyle, Steven Moffat, and George Lucas go to a bar.

Genre: Fiction

Is everything connected? Is there a world beyond our own? Is reality subjective to our perception? Is there a way to escape death? Is there a need to? On the day her life changes from bad to terminal, Irina Filidilupi finds the answers she’s looking for in a man named Victor. He is a renegade scientist who, together with his younger brother, found a way to tap into the core of the universe itself. It is this technology that Irina’s new friend wants her to try. Technology that is as likely to become her salvation as it is to hasten the end of the world. This book features mind-bending trips to other planes of reality, ninjas, giant robots, violence, drug use, sword fights, and hardcore pornography. Read with discretion.

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