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Genre: Fiction

After the great war in 2077, the world was blown to smithereens. The communists of Russia and the capitalists of America finally did it, they ended the world. Europe, being in the dead center of both the east and the west had it the worst. Infighting between communism and capitalism came to an all-time high – England, France, Spain, Germany – no country was spared from the harshness of nuclear devastation. Italy was ravaged no different to any other nation, but they had the fortune of being prepared. Millions flocked underground into the Italian Metros. They remained inactive ever since Italy hit their oil defecate, but when other countries heard of the preparations Italy was taking, they sent immigrants to take over various stations. Italy is repeating history, this time – underground. Various factions formed – the Venetian Brotherhood, the German Reich known as the Realm, the Italian communists, and the Hunters. These groups wage war trying to conquer and unite all of Italy, and no station is safe from the vying factions or the mutants that now linger on the surface.

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