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Gil Vine is a house officer in a N.Y. city hotel which witnesses the murder of a man in the suite of Tildy Millett, gimmick girl on a video show. From Tildy’s love for Dow Lanerd who plays around but not for keeps, to Lanerd’s murder which is to follow, this turns up other angles- and curves, for a final solution in blackmail and an indiscretion which ended in illegitimacy.

On the pier, behind a stack of whisky cases, lay the corpse, a steel box-hook buried in his skull, and aboard Lt. Koski’s police boat was the sexy number who knew the answers — too many of them!

Genre: Prose

Everything was pretty quiet on west coast gridirons that Saturday afternoon… and then — Dynamite Dan Webb exploded out of a pile-up, streaking for paydirt like a golden sky-rocket… He should have known there’d be plenty of Bowl-breaking reverberations.

Here is a fast moving, tough minded mystery for everybody who has ever thrilled to the sound of lire engines screaming down a busy street. The hero is Ben Pedley, Fire Marshal of New York City; the problem, a fire set in a radio star’s dressing room which kills the star’s brother and leads to at least one other killing by fire. Luscious Leila is worth her weight in money and publicity value, and Ben finds himself confronted by radio-and-advertising pressure as well as a singularly brainy murderer.

But Ben doesn’t take kindly to pressure and he hates arson with every fibre in his body. So he lashes out against it — with force and good aim — and the story moves rapidly from one high spot to the next, winding up with a climax that has all the excitement of a three-alarm fire next door.

Where There’s Smoke 

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