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Genre: Prose

When Paul Schumann joins the US Coast Guard during the Second World War, he is revolted by the harshness of life aboard the ice trawler Arluk. His drunken skipper, Mad Mowrey, drives the crew to exhaustion on their shakedown cruise, brutalizes the new draft of green officers and is generally loathed.

Mowray soon becomes chronically alcoholic, leaving Paul, and Nathan Greenberg, his Executive Officer, in command of the Arluk. Together they scour the Greenland coastal waters, breaking through ice-floes and packed glaciers in pursuit of the Nazi armed trawlers.

A deadly game of hide-and-seek ensues as a German radar and refuelling station is discovered. To destroy it, they must first run the gauntlet of the E-boats. The knot of friendship between the two men is forged by war as they train a team of hunter-killers. And when, as rivals for a beautiful Norwegian settler, Britt, they lead their sailors and Eskimo scouts into attack, not even this test of their courage on the frozen wastes can break the bond the makes them ice brothers.

A novel, based on historical fact, about the Greenland patrol, which operated 1942–1945, during World War II.

Genre: Prose

Here is the story of Tom and Betsy Rath, a young couple with everthing going for them: three healthy children, a nice home, a steady income. They have every reason to be happy, but for some reason they are not. Like so many young men of the day, Tom finds himself caught up in the corporate rat race — what he encounters there propels him on a voyage of self-discovery that will turn his world inside out. At once a searing indictment of coporate culture, a story of a young man confronting his past and future with honesty, and a testament to the enduring power of family, is a deeply rewarding novel about the importance of taking responsibility for one's own life.

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