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Genre: Fiction

Sometimes the threat is human...Specialists in domestic spiritual clearance, Psychic Surveys have never been busier. Case after case is coming in, not just locally, the net is spreading wider. Although exhausted, Ruby is pleased. Her track record as well as her down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to the paranormal inspires faith in the 'haunted' and willingly they call on her high street consultancy when the supernatural takes hold. But that's all about to change. Two cases are proving trying: 44 Gilmore Street, home to a particularly violent spirit, and the reincarnation case of Elisha Grey – the latter a case Ruby was reluctant to take on, believing it outside their area of expertise. Nonetheless, she and her team try and find a solution for both of them. But when Gilmore Street attracts press attention, matters quickly deteriorate. Dubbed as the 'new Enfield', the 'Ghost of Gilmore Street' grabs the nation's imagination, but, as Ruby and her team fail several times to evict the...

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