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Genre: Love stories

As far as Penelope Brown is concerned, marrying Lord Nevinstoke is the same thing as signing a business contract. Nevinstoke needs Penelope's substantial dowry to repair his family's estate, and, in return, Penelope will gain the titled husband her parents have always wished for her. Of course, before Penelope marries Nev, she insists he give up wine, women, and song-well, two out of three-and become a respectable man. The newlyweds head off to Nev 's estate with high hopes, but things take a disastrous turn once they arrive and discover the troubles that await them. When they finally begin to trust each other, they not only find inventive solutions to their problems but also quickly realize that they want more from their marriage than a business partnership. Rich in subtle characterization, deftly seasoned with danger, and tempered with just the right dash of tart wit and historical grit, Lerner's historical romance is to be savored.

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