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Ruth was sitting rigidly, white-faced; Gregor tried the door handles; the doors were locked! Ahead, the edge of the cliff was coming closer and closer as the heavy car picked up momentum, the deep ruts of the worn dirt road keeping the wheels locked on their inevitable juggernaut course, the sea below frothing over rocks beneath a sheer drop. Suddenly Gregor leaned back in his seat, raising his two feet, jamming his shoes through the glass that divided the empty front seat from the enclosed rear; a moment later he had forced himself through the shards of broken glass still embedded in the frame, unaware either of the ripping of his clothes or the shredding of his skin as he slithered on his stomach across the seat and under the dashboard, pulling with all his force on the emergency brake. The car responded slowly, as if resenting this interference with its unexpected freedom, swaying from side to side as its great weight seemed determined to overcome the demands of the tightening brake bands. Gregor blanked his mind to the thought of the approaching cliff, or of Ruth sitting petrified and frightened in the rear of the car; he gritted his teeth and pulled on the emergency brake with all his power...

There was only one man Kek Huuygens didn’t recognize at the bar of New York’s exclusive Quinleven Gambling Club. But when the man invited him for a drink. Huuygens suddenly realized he was facing Victor Girard, a criminal with an international reputation. Girard desperately covets a very rare and valuable carving kept under tight security on a Caribbean island, and he bets Huuygens $50,000 that he can’t get it past the U.S. Customs. Huuygens takes the bet: but the professional thief Girard has retained bungles the job. and to win. Huuygens not only must carry out an “impossible” robbery, but devise a devilishly ingenious plan that will get the treasure past the inspectors who have been alerted to its disappearance. A tale of mounting tension climaxed by an astonishing surprise that confirms the author’s talent at creating “touch and go adventure that works out brilliantly.” — Bestsellers.

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