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Genre: Fiction

When the one-night-only Traveling Vampire Show arrives in town, promising the only living vampire in captivity, beautiful Valeria, three local teenages venture where they do not belong, and discover much more than they bargained for.

Genre: Fiction

A holiday idyll that turns into a nightmare. Eight people take a yachting cruise in the Bahamas and find that they are not alone.

Genre: Fiction

Two families have come to the California mountains expecting a fun weekend camping trip. What they will find instead is terror in the form of a violent psychopath and his mother, a powerful witch.

(Also published as Dark Mountain)

Genre: Fiction

No one in town has ever seen anything like it: a slimy, mobile tube of glistening yellow flesh with dull, staring eyes and an obscene, probing mouth. But the real horror is not what it looks like, or what it does when it invades your fleshbut what it makes you do to others.

FLESH introduces a whole crowd of characters beginning with Eddie who is cruising back roads in his van for his next victim. Eddie ends up a bit crispy, but what happens after that is absolutely fascinating. Seems that dear Eddie was not acting alone; he was the host for something that compels humans to turn cannibal. The whole novel follows the leap of this “something” from person to person, hideous murders, creepy abandoned buildings with danger at every corner and one cop’s relentless pursuit of the weird killer.

Genre: Fiction

It's only a trip to the movies but it turns into Marty's worst nightmare when she sees the guy behind her in the audience. Willy. The man who burst into her house and raped her ten years ago. Now he's out of jail and back in town - and looking for Marty. Marty's date says he's going to fix the creep. And the way he goes about it makes Marty sick. But when it comes to sick, there's no one to match Willy. He's a fiend...

FIENDS is the lead-off novella in this collection of horror stores by Richard Laymon, "one of the best writers working in the genre today" - Cemetery Dance

"Laymon has established a style that has often been imitated but never equalled: plunging, pull-out-the-stops, no-limits, in-your-face, shock-packed, take-off-the-top-of-your-head, gonzo suspense and horror that will appal some people and exhilarate others...I hope that you enjoy this collection of stories as much as I do" - from the Introduction by Dean Koontz.

 The collection's stories: Fiends, Kitty Litter, The Bleeder, Desert Pickup, The Mask, Eats, The Hunt, Slit, Out of the Woods, Stiff Intruders, Special, Joyce, A Good Secret Place.

Genre: Fiction

When a teenage girl is terrorized by a madman out for blood, could it have something to do with what happened to her mother so long ago at the abandoned house out on the lake?

When Laymon (, etc.) died in 2001, he left behind numerous unpublished novels that Leisure has been issuing. This one is good but not great, combining the savagery of his earlier work (, etc.) with the spooky wonder of his later books (, etc.). As the story begins, we see Candyman, a serial killer, at work, then observe teen Deana West watch in horror as her boyfriend is mowed down by a car—driven by Candyman? The narrative then flashes back 20 years to a summer Deana’s mother, Leigh, spent in rural Wisconsin; this, the strongest section, details eerie, erotic nighttime forays by Leigh and her lover, a weird local boy, that result in the boy’s accidental death. Back in the present, Leigh gets involved with a cop who’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and she and Deana, who’s taken to nighttime jogging and who herself gets involved with a mysterious neighbor and his odd, psychic sister, are menaced by the driver of the car that killed Deana’s boyfriend. The plot is too complicated, although Laymon does tie all the strands up in a messy knot; but what counts here, as usual for Laymon, is the white-hot pacing, the rivers of blood (which will dismay mainstream readers) and, above all, the memorable evocation of the fathomless mystery of the moonlit hours.

From Publishers Weekly

Genre: Fiction

A horror writer, Larry Dunbar uncovers the body of a high school girl, who had been sacrificed on the altar of a madman's obsession to rid the Earth of a vampire's curse. A world of horrors was born the day the stake was driven into the girl's heart, and Dunbar wants to pull it out.

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