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When the Library of Alexandria was reduced to ashes by men who feared the power of words and ideas, Akeel, the Master Librarian risked his life to save a handful of rare mystical books. To protect them from falling into the hands of those who would destroy or misuse them, Akeel appointed the library cats, the very ones who followed him out of the burning building, to guard the ancient books of power. Centuries later, successors of these literary felines faithfully remain at their posts.

This is the story of two cats, one elder Guardian, painfully aware his days are numbered-- troubled he’s not found a worthy heir. And Marco, an intrepid young house cat out on his own for the first time, who finds refuge in the public library.

A contemporary setting with a trip back in time to the Library of Alexandria, this is a tale of an unlikely hero who faces very human dilemmas and insurmountable odds.

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