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Genre: Fiction

The galaxy burns with the flames of war and both sides want Michael dead! Michael never thought he would see the galaxy, not until he was abducted by aliens. Believed to be a messiah by those that took him, Michael has found his legend growing with every adventure. Pirates, aliens, gangsters and marauding war fleets have stood in Michael’s way as he crossed the galaxy. Now Michael is a wanted man, both sides in an interstellar war eager to get their hands on him. A new discovery grants safe haven to Michael and his followers, but an ancient evil threatens to upset the balance of the war and plunge the galaxy into darkness. Michael must face down this new threat and decide if he wants to be the hero everyone believes he is.

Genre: Fiction

They wanted a saviour, what they got was a tour guide. Michael liked his nice, normal life. It was fine. Until aliens arrived on Earth, looking for their holy planet. But Michael adapted to life on an alien filled Earth. That is, until he’s kidnapped at gunpoint and whisked off to the stars by an alien who thinks Michael is his holy saviour. Chased across the stars in a case of cosmic mistaken identity, Michael must face angry pirates, strange aliens and impossible worlds. The drums of war beat across the universe, stirred up the by appearance of the fabled messiah. A millennia-old standoff threatens to crash down around Michael, as he learns that belief has a power of its own. All Michael wants to do is go home.

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