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The British Chancellor of the Exchequer and Defense Minister are assassinated. The British Government receives a demand for GBP 12 million to stop the killings. Carter is assigned to assist in the investigation.

VENDETTA IN VIETNAM General Martin is a hero. He proved his courage in Vietnam. And he paid for it in a POW camp. Now General Keith Martin is missing. Maybe he’s disappeared to have some privacy. And maybe he’s collecting on some old debts... N-3’s assignment is to find him — at any cost. The trail gets hot when a beautiful Eurasian agent is assigned as Nick’s partner and when the murders of highly-placed North Vietnamese officials turn into an epidemic. In a kabuki theater in Bangkok, Nick Carter is transformed into a Viet peasant. And in the middle of a sultry Southeast Asia night he parachutes into the countryside near Hanoi. If his disguise fails there’s no return ticket. And if he doesn’t find Keith Martin and stop the assassinations, the Vietnam War will look like a dress rehearsal for the real thing...

When a retiring Mafia hitman and an AXE agent are gunned down along with several bodyguards, Hawk wants answer and then he wants retribution.

“WE WANT TO HEAR THE MUSIC BEFORE HIS THROAT IS SLIT.” Those were Nick Carter’s orders. Translated, they meant that Nick had to find Rico Corelli before the Syndicate killers did. Corelli had been controlling the international drug chain from Corsica for years. But when the Mob found that their profits were slipping and Corelli’s were mounting, the heat was on and Corelli was on the run. If Killmaster got to him first, Corelli could be made to talk and the drug chain would drop in AXE’s lap. If the Mafia did, there’d be one more bloody name on the Mob’s death list. Armed only with a beautiful female narc and a flimsy cover, AXE’s chief agent begins the hunt. But the Mafia’s enforcers are with him all the way. And the first corpse is a ringer for the man Nick Carter is supposed to impersonate... In a tense, bloody race against time, Killmaster stalks a man he’s never seen, a ruthless unphotographed killer running for his life from the men who know him best!

“WE WILL BURY YOU!” The Communist threat had never seemed so real! AXE had barely assigned Killmaster to his new mission when the message came from “the spoilers” — they were threatening to deal a death blow to American international influence. It was clearly a job for Nick Carter — the most lethal of his career. For AXE’s top Killmaster was destined to play the lead in the diabolical plot. What had they done to him? Had they really turned AXE’s most valuable agent against the very powers he was sworn to protect? It wasn’t until Nick came under the spell of the sensuous Russian operative that he began to understand how he was being used. But was it too late? Did his mind already belong to the KGB?

A Greek agent, an old friend of Carter, has been working behind the Iron Curtain but wants out and needs the help of AXE to accomplish it.

He was a highly paid professional, killing anyone, anywhere, for a price. A murderer who relished his work, lovingly watching each victim writhe in blood. The Intelligence establishment named him The Vulture — “the scarlet vulture,” his mechanized talons dripping with human blood. Destroying The Vulture was Nick Carter’s next assignment. But before Carter could get to his lethal quarry, he had to hunt down another man. A bizarre double of The Vulture, forced into becoming the assassin’s perfect weapon — and his next agonized victim!

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