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Genre: Fiction

Build a dungeon. Command minions. Fulfill carnal desires with sexy monster girls… Pay the price for making a deal with a daemon. After being saved from his own execution by a deal-making daemon, Keaton is tasked with killing a dungeon lord. A straightforward task for a former assassin, but the moment Keaton’s dagger plunges into the dungeon core crystal, he becomes the newest lord of The Labyrinth. What starts as a maze of useless caverns quickly turns into something respectable as Keaton uses his powers to craft defenses and facilities. But to truly grow his dungeon, he needs minions. And to control those minions, he needs lieutenants: Beautiful, monstrous women with strength and powers beyond his understanding. Enlisting the help of a meek but knowledgeable dragon girl and a fawn-like warrior goddess, Keaton delves into the dungeon of another lord hoping to plunder his way to advancement. But the rival lord’s got a nasty trap in store for him, and Keaton’s relationship with his girls may never be the same. …Assuming they can make it out alive. Warning: Lord of Monsters is for adult readers only. This book contains explicit sex between a dungeon lord and his monster girl harem. It also contains light game-like mechanics including leveling and progression, crafting, dungeon building, and dungeon diving.

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