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Genre: Fiction

From the first appearances of Roger Zelazny’s short fiction in the early 1960s, it was clear that a dazzling new genius had burst into the field of speculative literature. Over the years, that incendiary talent blazed even brighter in novels such as Lord of Light, The Dream Master, and Creatures of Light and Darkness—incomparable works whose lyrical prose, imaginative virtuosity, masterful plotting, and unique blend of timeless myth and cutting-edge science won Zelazny the acclaim of critics and readers alike . . . as well as six Hugos and three Nebula Awards. His groundbreaking Amber novels are still counted among the most original and well-beloved fantasy series of all time. Zelazny is no longer with us, but his shining legacy of genius endures—not only in his own fiction, but also in the work of fellow authors influenced and inspired by his example and touched by his friendship.

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