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Genre: Drama

Though the first four plays in this book were written for earth and the rest for air; the rest have all been done in their appropriate element. Probably the future of plays for the air lies with television. At present every character has to be slightly exaggerated, so that the audience shall have no doubt as to who is speaking; even each voice has to be rather unusual, so that it cannot be mistaken for any other voice in the cast. When the audience can see each actor, none of these things will be necessary. Radio plays may even compete with the theatres then; or rather the arm-chair and the fire from which such plays may be watched will compete with the best seat of any theatre in the world.

Genre: Adventures

When the Germans conquered the Land, Srebnitz left school to join Hlaka’s guerrilla band on the Mountain. The Land is presumably Greece but it might be any land fighting for its liberty. The men of the Mountain are not individuals but figures from a poetic legend. Otherwise Irish Lord Dunsany’s latest invention is pure adventure story.

Genre: Fiction

Lord Dunsany had invented a new mythology, and his fourth book supported this to the end. He skims the cream of old and new romance, giving a concentration of all that is most strange, poetical, grotesque, and glamorous, in his tales of unknown gods, untraveled deserts, ghostly peoples, cities, and temples, and cataclysms of which no echo has heretofore been heard. When people ask me about ‘a book that changed my life,’ one of the several hundred honest answers I can give them is A Dreamer’s Tales. – Ursula K. Leguin

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