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Genre: Fiction

We Come in Peace is a young adult story about two aliens Zolar and Jupel who crash land in the desert near Area 51 in Nevada. They are searching for their comrade who disappeared years earlier when he was on an exploratory mission on earth. Lucky for them they are rescued by Bobby Drews, a pot-smoking teenager, who takes them home to his dysfunctional family. Bobby introduces them as Jane and John. Because of the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, Jane and John fit in well with the strangers that have come into town for the convention. Complicating the situation, graduation is just months away and it is doubtful if Bobby will graduate even with a perfect SAT score. Bobby is kept busy hiding the aliens from the commander of the base at Area 51. To fit in, Jane takes a job at a local café while John delivers newspapers. Bobby in desperation enlists the aid of John to alter his school grades but things go haywire when the potion John creates and gives to the faculty has adverse side affects

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