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This spy-thriller by the author of "Game, Set and Match" features Bernard Sampson again, and is set in Berlin in the winter of 1987. The book is the second in a sequence of three.

This novel is the sequel to "Game, Set Match" and set three years later. Bernard Samson is still investigating the defection of his wife Fiona to the East, despite all the warnings he has received, both friendly and otherwise.


This novel is constructed around the supposition that Winston Churchill secretly met with Adolf Hitler in 1940 to discuss the terms of a British surrender. Forty years later, Hitler's personal minutes of the discussions are threatening to surface.

The third novel in Deighton's "Hook, Line and Sinker" trilogy. Spanning a ten year period (1977-87), Deighton solves the mystery of Fiona's defection – was she a Soviet spy or wasn't she? He also retells some of the events from the "Game, Set and Match" trilogy from Fiona's point of view.

The second novel in the trilogy. Bernard is sent to Mexico in order to "enrol" the East German Erich Stinnes.

The first novel of the trilogy introducing Bernard Samson and the rest of the bickering, in-fighting intelligence community in which he is a much put-upon member. After five years of desk work, Bernie finds himself ordered back into the field.

The conclusion to the trilogy. Bernard has got Erich Stinnes back from Mexico – now he has to get him to talk.

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