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Genre: Prose

Carry Nation is on the loose again, breaking up discos, smashing topless bars, radicalizing women as she preaches clean living to men more intent on booze and babes. As for Mrs. Gulliver, her patience with her long-voyaging Lemuel is wearing thin: money is short and the kids can't even remember what their dad looks like. And what of Tonto, the ever-faithful companion, turning forty without so much as a birthday phone call from that masked man? In fifteen short fictions, Karen Joy Fowler turns accepted norms inside out and fairy tales upside down, pushing us to reconsider all our unquestioned verities and proving once more that she is among our most subversive writers of fiction. Filled with imaginative virtuosity, replete with wicked insights and cunning conceits, Black Glass delivers everything readers have come to expect of her fiction.

Genre: Fiction

It’s been seven years since we last published a story by the brilliant author Karen Joy Fowler (“Liserl,” July 1990), and we are delighted to welcome her back to our pages. Ms. Fowler has written a highly regarded short story collection, (Bantam 1986), and two novels (which were put out by Holt)— a New York Times 1991 notable book, and The latter novel is a story “packed with history, baseball, and useful housekeeping tips.” Published last fall, it was also listed as a 1996 New York notable book. The author is at work on a new novel, but we hope she will continue to find time for her remarkable short fiction as well.

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