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Genre: Prose

**Now You Can Go Deeper Into the Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of America's Future and Yours**  The  *New York Times*  best seller  *The Harbinger*  now has an indispensable companion that will enable you to go deeper into the prophetic revelations and decode the mysteries that have caused a stir throughout the nation.  *The Harbinger Companion With Study Guide*  includes a full study guide, special bonus features, articles, maps, illustrations, photographs of the actual harbingers, and more!  *The Harbinger Companion With Study Guide* includes such special features as: **Teachings, insights, and revelations**  into each of mysteries in  *The Harbinger* **Photographs**  of each of the Nine Harbingers and illustrations of each mystery **The supernatural story**  behind  *The Harbinger*  (and the mysterious man in the airport) **A thirteen-week study guide**  for group, class, church, or individual study with: * Detailed teaching - with the biblical and historical context and background * Exploration - in-depth study questions for individuals, groups, or churches * Application - that can change your life and your world **The mystery of the seals**  (and the actual real "Seal Behind the Seals") A guided walking tour of the actual harbingers (with maps and locations) **The most often asked questions**  surrounding  *The Harbinger* , including: * Who is the prophet? (the identity of the book's most mysterious figure) * Who is Nouriel? * Who is Jonathan Cahn? * Where is America in end-time prophecy? * What does the future hold? In  *The Harbinger*  Jonathan Cahn sounded the alarm with a prophetic wake-up call for America, the world, and the future. With this powerful companion guide you won't miss any of the mysteries it reveals!

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