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Genre: Fiction

Men and women who have shown signs of telepathic powers have been brought together by the U.S. Military to investigate their powers’ possible military application. Meanwhile, telepathic aliens in a solar system destined for destruction try to telepathically cry out for help and understanding, only to reach our heros in the research project.

Genre: Fiction

 The most notable story is again an investigation into the gulf between the sexes. "Houston, Houston, Do You Read?" won both the Hugo (in a tie with Spider Robinson's "By Any Other Name") and Nebula awards as the best novella published in 1976. In it a crew of three American astronauts are caught up in an intense solar storm which apparently propels them through a time vortex into a world several hundred years into their future. A devastating plague has reduced the human population to just a few thousand, all female, whose only means of reproduction is the cloning of several basic genome types.

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