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Genre: Prose

November 30th, 1939, the peace of the frigid forests of Karelia Finland is shattered by an invading horde. Numbering four hundred thousand strong, soldiers of the Red Army pour across the borders of the Soviet Union’s small neighbor. Outnumbered and outclassed the world expected Finland to quickly succumb to the Communist juggernaut. Hale grew up farming, and hunting the frozen forest of his northern home. Taught from a young age by his father to hunt and trap, Hale has grown into master woodsman. Not yet twenty summers in age, he is most at home in the wilderness. Utilizing his gifts, especially his uncanny aim with a rifle, he has helped put food on the table and to earn a living by selling valuable pelts. When invasion threatened, he put his growing love for Nea on hold, and answered his nation’s desperate call to stem the Soviet tide. Now alone in Finland’s vast southern forest, he hunts prey of a different kind. Will his skills and the rifle his father gave him be enough against the countless numbers, tanks, and air craft of the Soviet Union?

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