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Genre: Fiction

NAMED TO KIRKUS REVIEWS BEST BOOKS OF 2018 Fire, splitting the atom, synthetic biology. There’s a dark side to every invention, one which we have been fortunate to contain for most of history. But are we hurtling into the future too fast? Detonation is an epic dystopian tale that is a cautionary reflection on our own innovation-obsessed culture. It follows two societies that are connected, but centuries apart, and their struggle against a superintelligent machine. Amid ideological clashes and political plotting, a diverse cast discovers this insidious threat, one which few can fathom, and fewer can challenge, and they are forced into an escalating conflict against a tireless enemy. • Selected to be in the top 100 Indie books of 2018 by Kirkus Reviews • More than 5,000 indie books reviewed. • In the top 8 Science Fiction and Fantasy.

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