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Genre: Fiction

Through the treason of a handful of men, contact between Earth and the Moon had become a nightmare. The world became the tool of the Lunarians, whose plundering and cruelty reduced thieving nations to poverty stricken wastelands.

The Moon Men

Genre: Fiction

In the 25th century, as Julian XX, the fierce Red Hawk, he will lead humanity’s final battle against the alien invaders. A majestic adventure with political overtones & great science fiction. Book 3: The American people are now a nomadic horse nation, painted and feathered. Their chieftain is Julian—the Red Hawk—and he is planning the final defeat of the hated Kalkans after centuries of oppression.

Genre: Adventures

Escape on Venus is the fourth book in the Venus series (Sometimes called the "Carson Napier of Venus series") by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It consists of four interconnected stories published in Fantasic Adventures between 1941 and 1942: "Slaves of the Fishmen," "Goddess of Fire," "The Living Dead," and "War on Venus."

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