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Genre: Prose

In the 1960's, we were never able to look at military life in the same way again. Now Joseph Heller has struck far closer to home.

Something Happened

Once in a decade, something important happens in books. In the 1970's, it is

"Hypnotic, seductive. as clear and as hard-edged as a cut diamond!"

— Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., The New York Times Sunday Book

"The test of a novel is when it deserves to be read a second time. People will be rereading and fifty years from now they'll be reading it still!"

— Philadelphia Inquirer

Three hundred thirty-three fatalities and no survivors. The deadliest accident in U.S. aviation history means it’s the biggest week of journalist Steve Pace’s career. Much as he’s already over the horrors of the aviation beat, he has no choice but to rise to the occasion. He’s a whip-smart reporter with integrity and grit, and the body count is rising rapidly—outside the downed plane. As he hunts down the ultimate scoop, he steps into what appears to be a Watergate-type cover-up. With the list of possible witnesses conspicuously dwindling, he figures it’s just a matter of time before someone blows the whistle—as long as they don’t mysteriously die first.

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