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Genre: Prose

With her wedding ceremony an hour away, Andrea Kleinman excused herself from the preparations to make a long-distance call — to an old and very special friend in New York City... Can a “liberated” woman go home again?... Andrea Kleinman has frequently played her special brand of roulette... now she goes for a final lifetime gamble — to find out if home as in hometown is a real and possible place. After education at Bryn Mawr College, and living free and fairly easy in pursuit of the “best of everything” in the Big Apple, she goes “home” to Buffalo, to marry lawyer Mark Benstock — a steady man — to take comfort in known quantities and to find out whether a lifetime journey (a “week” of seven days out of twelve years) back through old places can bring a real fulfillment. Diary of A Man Housewife... Up the Sandbox... and A Week As Andrea Benstock — a novel about a girl who, after trying to shake her fear of flying, gives old-fashioned a new try and lives to tell about it.

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