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During the Nazi period of government (1933–1945), Adolf Hitler, enthusiast of new technologies and means of production, invested millions in scientific research and development centers, with the hiring of renowned engineers and scientists, and the creation of new industries. German society was also undergoing profound changes and new products were launched to meet its needs. Quickly, the German army became one of the most advanced in the world, possessing more technological weapons, lethal rockets and airplanes that flew faster than any other ever created. Due to superior technological power, Hitler believed he would be the great winner of World War II. Nazi Germany was defeated, but its achievements and scientific discoveries were taken by the Allied countries and influence the way we live until today. Scientific research, which used thousands of prisoners as guinea pigs, were utilized to created new medicines, objects made to show Nazi Propaganda were used as reference for the creation of new technologies and products created for consumption, during wartime, are available in every supermarket still nowadays. This eBook aims to present 31 inventions from the Nazi period that changed the world. In addition, as a bonus of this edition, we will be presenting three Nazi projects that were not completed but could have changed the history of the war.

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