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Genre: Fiction

At a remote site in Minnesota, filmmaker Kurt Carpenter has built a secure compound and invited a select group of people to bunker down until the worst is over. The world into which they re-emerge is like nothing they’ve ever seen. At first they think they’re the only ones left. But they soon find out how wrong they are. In the wasteland of what used to be America, their battle to survive is only just beginning.

Genre: Fiction


Geronimo raised his hand over his eyes and squinted. “What are those things attached to the bottom of its wings?”

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Blade said, and saw the aircraft arc into the heavens again. As it did, a small spherical object dropped from the right wing directly toward them. Blade’s intuition flared, and he gave his friends a shove. “Into the forest! Move!”

Confused, Geronimo and Hickok nonetheless trusted the giant’s judgment enough to obey him instantly and without question. They darted to the northwest.

Blade raced on their heels, his gray eyes glued to the spherical object.

When it was 15 feet from the soil, he threw himself to the ground and bellowed, “Get down!”

Again the pair complied, and not a moment too soon. For when they hit the ground, a blast with the force of a quarter-ton of dynamite rent the air and rocked the ground…

Genre: Fiction

Manta was a crazed mutant with a lust for power, the latest threat to the free people of ravaged North America. He had taken over Seattle and was thirsting for more conquest. Before Manta could extend his empire, the Warriors had to penetrate his fortress and enforce their own brand of justice.

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