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"High-octane adventure… riveting." – Gayle Lynds

Faith Kelly has what it takes to extort what she needs from the country's Most Wanted. But when her new case takes its toll in intimate ways, it becomes the most dangerous one of her career.

It's case officer Faith Kelly's job to protect criminals in exchange for information. But Daryn McDermott is another story – one that's challenging her professional and personal responsibility. The activist daughter of a powerful conservative senator, Daryn's not only linked to a terrorist bombing, but also to Faith's brother Sean, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent hired to bring her home. It's too late for that. When Daryn is found murdered near the Oklahoma City National Memorial, Sean runs – and Faith follows. He leads her into a web of private secrets and lies, a far-reaching conspiracy…and murder. Faith's past has returned with a vengeance, casting a shadow of doubt on everyone she trusts – and cutting into the very heart of everyone she loves.

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