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Genre: Fiction

ANARCHAOS — “Start to say anarchy, and midway switch and say chaos.” Anarchaos was a planet, a planet colonized by humans, and revolving around a red sun the natives called Hell. But it was the planet that deserved the name. For Rolf Malone, who had arrived on Anarchaos carrying a small arsenal of the latest weapons, it turned out to be diabolical indeed. He had a mission — nobody in his right mind would come to that frightful planet just to sightsee — but it was one he could not admit to any native nor to the spaceline officials who had landed him there. These, the only “authorities” on that lawless world, would not have let him disembark had they known it. Curt Clark’s unique novel of a planet without law and order — a world where anything goes — is not a story to be easily forgotten.

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