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Genre: Fiction

It is an impossible reality that anything could exist in the vacuum of space. There is nothing that anything could survive on; it is the absence of all things. Beyond the twinkling of a thousand million celestial bodies, past all the reaches of life itself, inside that infinite blackness that surrounds us all, there is nothing. Perhaps this is where the idea of death being black first came from, in its primitive, primal form. The first life seeing that entirety above them, everything and anything surrounding them, and yet being the ultimate force that everything surrenders to. Is that where it all began, is that where fear itself began? Is space, life’s first, and ultimate phobia? Nothing can survive death, and nothing that we know of can live, out in space. That was what the crew of the Celestrian Exploration vessel, though, on the 21st February, 5018. Onboard, a crew of seven men and women, all human, representatives of The Empire of Humanity, out to expand the map of the known universe, to push the fringes of everything known to humanity.

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