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Genre: Fiction

The Mongol nation that used to rule a half of the world for about five hundred years is on decline for the last couple hundred years. The old prophecy states that, when everything is just right, someone of the different blood would come and save the nation from the financial disaster. A new archeological dig of the burial from the time when Mongols roamed the world presents the last resting place of Batu Khan — the conqueror of Eastern Europe. There is a diary written by Batu Khan that hints that Khazars — the Jews of the Central Asia were completely integrated into Mongol society. More, many, including Batu Khan himself, were married to the Jews for generations, thus they were Jews more often than the Mongols. Mongols could be another lost Jewish tribe and the nation was — The Jewish Nation of Mongols. Now, the Mongols have to fulfill the prophecy and find the person that would save the country. That takes them to the Jewish community of Williamsburg, NY.

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