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Genre: Prose

03:15, 22nd June 1941◦— Barbarossa is unleashed and Kampfgruppe von Schroif are right there at the cutting edge of the battle for Russia. Thrown into action against the fortress of Brest-Litovsk, von Schroif and his crew drive a new weapon into battle◦— the legendary . However, even with this latest armoured marvel there is hard fighting as the Reds dig in and doggedly defend the island fortress to the last man.

Penetrating, authentic and stunning in its detail, the long awaited prequel to the highly acclaimed “Tiger Command!” is a powerful addition to the series. Based on a true story of combat on the Eastern Front, this atmospheric new novel puts the reader right into the action and unveils the story of how a legend was forged in the heat of the first great battle of the campaign.

Written by Emmy™ Award winning writer Bob Carruthers and newcomer Sinclair McLay and edited by Mark Farr, this much anticipated novel also explores the dark underside of war as von Schroif is faced with the malevolent presence of Oskar Dirlewanger.

Genre: Prose

German and Russian tank battalions clash in this action-packed novel of WWII combat and conspiracy cowritten by an Emmy Award–winning historian. When Germany’s leading tank ace meets Russia’s Steppe Fox it’s a fight to the death. Faced with overwhelming odds, Kampfgruppe Hans von Schroif needs a better armored vehicle and fast, but the new Tiger tank is still on the drawing board. Now, von Schroif must overcome bureaucracy, espionage, and relentless Allied bombing to get the Tiger into battle in time to meet the ultimate challenge. Based on a true story of combat on the Russian Front, Bob Carruthers and Sinclair McLay’s Tiger Command! presents the gripping saga of how Germany’s Tiger tank was born and a legend was forged in the heat of combat. Gritty, intense, and breath-taking in its detail, this sprawling epic captures the reality of the lives and deaths of the tank crews who fought for survival on the Eastern Front, a remarkable novel worthy of comparison with ‘Das Boot’.

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