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Recovering from the demise of her unhappy marriage and planning to open the antique-clothing store of her dreams in Georgetown, Karen is suddenly confronted with a series of ominous and deadly events that threaten to turn her dream into a nightmare.

From the author of "The Master of the Blacktower", this is the story of a young orphan girl who possesses the gift of second sight. Fate brings her to the home of a wealthy duchess, where the ghostly presence of her own father calls to her from beyond.

A trio of love stories that cross generations and centuries, a pair of historic houses that conceal old and new secret passions, and a series of ghostly appearances are interwoven to form a tapestry of complex horror and beauty.

Ingram Sandy had been lured to the Greek island of Thera by a father she had never known, an archaeologist scorned for his obsession with Atlantis. Now, as the island's slumbering volcano came back to life, a terrifying power drew Sandy deep into the fathomless waters of her heritage, destiny and doom.

The house talked; Linda Randolph could hear it. The objects in it talked, too, but the house's voice was loudest. Linda was afraid that, as her husband suggested, she was losing her mind. Either that, or her husband was involved with dark, brutal forces beyond the limits of human sanity.

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