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Genre: Adventures

Historical Mysteries Collection #2

Perfect for fans of CJ Sansom, SW Perry, SJ Parris and SG Maclean …

“An understanding of medieval life that hints that the knowledge comes from reincarnation or – as I safely suspect – impeccable research.”

An arranged marriage…

1484. Emeline knows she has no voice in her marriage, so counts herself fortunate when her betrothed turns out to be a charming man with a heart of gold. But before the wedding, flames consume everything, and the murdered body of Emeline’s fiancé is discovered.

Sparks fly when Emeline finds herself marrying the younger brother…

Nicholas is tired of living in his brother’s shadow. Forced to marry a woman who would rather he fill his brother’s coffin isn’t helping. But just when he thinks his wedding day couldn’t get worse, fire ravages once more. It becomes apparent that the murderer’s rampage is far from over.

Can an unlikely couple find their way on a trail of political intrigue and a murderous conspiracy?

As murder and mayhem plagues their lives, Nicholas must hide a secret mission behind his actions… even from his own wife. But when Emeline embarks on her own investigation, he realises he has underestimated the fiery beauty.

Determined to unmask the murderous culprit, Emeline naively takes on the sleuth’s role and finds there may be more to her husband than meets the eye.

England’s fate hangs in the balance…

An enthralling historical mystery with multifaceted characters, fast-paced twists and turns, and apple codlings to die for in this rich tapestry of life in the 15th century.

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