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Genre: Fiction

TV Series Placement: Post-Season 3STRENGTH IN NUMBERSBased on Liz's most recent vision, Max, Michael, Isabel, Maria, and Kyle determine that Isabel's fate awaits her in Los Angeles-the same place where their parents, captured by the FBI are being held. It stands to reason that the dupes are being held in the same facility, so the group splits up, and half of them head to the Pacific Coast.Concerned for Isabel's safety, though, Max sends his sister off with the remainder of their friends to Boston, bringing about an awkward reunion between Isabel and her husband Jesse Ramirez. Before long, both the group and the dupes are being pursued by the feds, as well as members of a new alien race. Everyone is forced to put aside their mistrust and work together to thwart the newfound danger that is coming from all sides. . .This is the final book of the Roswell saga, wrapping up all the storylines from the television and book series!

Genre: Fiction

TV Series Placement: Post-Season 3VISIONS OF DANGERLiz, Max, Maria, Michael, and Kyle didn’t expect that when they left Roswell, their lives would suddenly become perfect. They were, after all, on the run from the FBI. But they certainly didn’t think things could get much worse. They’re learning how wrong they were. The FBI has tracked them via their email accounts and is hot on the group’s trail. It can only be a matter of time before they are apprehended.Meanwhile, in New York City, three alien Dupes are captured by the police. When the Feds are brought on to the case, the Special Unit recognizes the Dupes-and wonders why "Tess," “Michael,” and “Isabel,” are so different. Little do they know they are dealing with a case of mistaken identity. And the real Isabel has more pressing concerns, if Liz’s latest vision is to be believed….This is the first of a two-part finale for the Roswell saga, wrapping up all the storylines from the television and book series! Read the exciting conclusion in TURNABOUT. . . coming soon!

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