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John Barron was once a top detective in the Los Angeles Police Department's elite 5-2 Squad. A deadly shootout with fellow officers changed his world forever.

Taking a new identity, he fled the country he loved and as Nicholas Marten became a landscape architect in the north of England determined to put a life of violence behind him forever. Then suddenly he found himself in Spain ensnared in a massive global conspiracy where he saved the life of John Henry Harris, the president of the United States. Not long afterward the president came calling again.

Sent to the West African country of Equatorial Guinea to gain information on alleged collusion between a U.S. oil company and mercenaries hired to protect its workers, Marten is caught up in a bloody civil war between rebellious tribesmen and a merciless dictator. Soon he meets a priest who has clandestine photographs that show the mercenaries supplying arms to the rebels. In a blink the priest is captured by army troops and Marten flees for his life, determined to find the photographs and turn them over to the president before they are made public and ignite a global firestorm of protest and propaganda. But others are close on his heels. Among them; Conor White, a highly decorated former SAS commando turned elite killer; Sy Wirth, the arrogant president of the oil company; the alluring and dangerous oil company board member, Anne Tidrow; and, quietly, operatives of the CIA.

Murder, suspense, and deceit shadow Marten every inch of the way as his harrowing journey takes him to Berlin, to the Portuguese Riviera, and finally to the always-mysterious Lisbon. At stake is the struggle for control of an ocean of oil, and with it the constantly shifting line between good and evil, love and hate, law and politics. Its cost, thousands of human lives. Its cause, a top secret agreement called The Hadrian Memorandum.

Nicholas Marten's former girlfriend is mysteriously killed-along with her child and congressman-husband. A former LA cop, Marten learns her husband had just discovered a secret and illegal bioweapons program. When the feds fail to investigate, Marten pursues the killers himself.

At a NATO summit in Warsaw, President John Henry Harris meets with Europe 's heads of state. When Harris learns secret a White House cabal has ordered the German chancellor's assassination, he angrily objects. The cabal not only threatens to kill Harris, they pull the secret service off his detail.

Escaping incognito, he joins two strangers-Nicholas Marten and the beautiful but enigmatic French photo-journalist, Demi Picard. Swept from Warsaw to Washington, D.C. to Malta to Barcelona, the three of them flee a ruthless clique of military leaders and transnational corporate chieftains-as well as top Washington officials-all of whom want them dead… The assassination of world leaders, the massacre of millions, assaults on the US with weapons of mass destruction-nothing is beyond the coterie's cunning.

The group's origins go back 500 years. In the 16th century, the dying Machiavelli fashioned a sinister work entitled, The Covenant-an ominous plan for gaining true power and keeping it. For centuries this wealthy, despotic order has hidden the plan away, inspired and emboldened by its bloody insights and near-preternatural power. Bonded by vicious rites and ritual slaughter, dedicated to their vision of global rule, they have over the centuries prospered beyond dreams of greed and domination. Three people now stand between the Brotherhood and its final apocalyptic conquest.

The Addison brothers, Harry and Danny, have been estranged for many years, but when Danny calls from Rome pleading for Harry to get in touch, his brother doesn't ignore him. Except it seems he is too late, as Danny was on board a tourist bus which was blown apart by a bomb. But when Harry arrives in Italy he is plunged into a Kafka-esque nightmare, discovering that his brother is accused of assassinating the Cardinal Vicar of Rome and when he dares to suggest that Danny is still alive he finds that someone is willing to frame him for murder before he can start to clear Danny's name. Alone and vulnerable in a foreign country, Harry is sucked into the maelstrom of a conspiracy in the heart of the Vatican, where men of God are using the devil's hand to further the influence of the Catholic Church. A tense and absorbing thriller.

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