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Genre: Prose

Who said being eaten by the big bad wolf was a bad thing?

Maizie Hood struggles to keep her bakery turning a profit, her landlord from evicting her, and her dear Granny in a nursing facility. Wrestling with the decision to sell Gran-s cottage is hard enough. The last thing she needs is her childhood big-bad-wolf nightmares turning into real-life adult fantasies. Sexy businessman Gray Lupo-s sudden interest just makes matters worse. Is he the answer to her problems, or just a wolf in gentleman-s Armani?

Since his wife was killed twenty-one years ago, Gray-s life has been focused on two things: protecting the pack and avoiding the grown daughter of his wife-s killers. When it becomes clear he can-t do one without compromising the other, Gray finds playing -big bad wolf- to Maizie Hood-s -Little Red- is a role he enjoys far more than he expected.

A real bad wolf-s attack on Maizie changes everything. Gray can-t deny the pull she has on his instincts-and his heart. Suddenly he finds himself taking on a role he never thought he-d want, as her protector and mate. Until the truth about his connection to her nightmarish past comes to light-

Warning: This book contains cookies, pastries, pies, hot-guy-on-girl sex and animalistic passion, all for zero calories. Enjoy!

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