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Genre: Fiction

From the streets of Cairo in the midst of the Arab Spring to rebellions on distant planets, and from a daring rescue on a seastead-studded ocean to the gallows and grimy streets of 17th century London, here are ten short stories of liberty and revolution. Imagine… a world where independent seasteads and private airship companies keep the peace on the high seas. Imagine… a dying planet ruled by a rigid caste system, but with one last chance to be free. Imagine… a journalist investigating the fate of a government program to match individuals with their perfect mate. These stories are the winners of the Libertarian Fiction Authors Association’s first short story contest, following the prompt, “Write a short story that illustrates the positive role of freedom in human life.” With 169 total submissions these ten (three winners and seven runners-up), stood out as the top entries from a very broad, and talented field. These original works are as exhilarating as they are thoughtful and imaginative. For more free stories and the latest news about libertarian fiction, sign up for the LFA newsletter: (copy and paste into your browser) Cover image courtesy of the Seasteading Institute, licensed under Creative Commons

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