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Genre: Fiction

Recommended by Paul Cook as one of the most important SF novels. Jommy Cross is a slan, a genetically bred superhuman whose race was created to aid humanity but is now despised by "normal" humans. Slans are usually shot on sight, but that doesn't stop Jommy's mother from bringing him to see the world capital of Centropolis, the seat of power for Earth's dictator, Kier Gray. But on their latest trip to Centropolis, the two slans are discovered, and Jommy's mother is killed. Jommy, only 9 years old, unwittingly becomes caught up in a plot to undermine Gray, who may be more sympathetic to slans than the public suspects. The nonstop action and root-for-the-underdog plot has made Slan a science fiction favorite.

Genre: Fiction

Everything your rulers never wanted you to know and you were afraid to ask…

Ten classic stories from the birth of modern science fiction writing

Their writing helped science fiction gained wide public attention, and left a lasting impression upon society. The same writers formed the mould for the next three decades of science fiction, and much of their writing remains as fresh today as it was then.

Collected in one giant volume, here is the very best of the golden era. The stories include:

• A.E. van Vogt, ‘The Weapons Shop’

• Isaac Asimov, ‘The Big and the Little’

• Lester del Rey, ‘Nerves’

• Fredric Brown, ‘Daymare’

• Theodore Sturgeon, ‘Killdozer!’

• C.L. Moore, ‘No Woman Born’

• A. Bertram Chandler, ‘Giant Killer’.

Genre: Fiction

The Silkie — a living spaceship, impervious to heat and cold, virtually indestructible and capable of travelling at supersonic speeds.

The Silkie — similar to a human being, but not the same. Highly intelligent.

The Silkie — able to live under the oceans with the ease of a dolphin and the speed of a shark.

The Silkie — a modern angel or a computerised demon?

The Silkie — friend of Earth, or a pitiless, alien destroyer?

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